Core Team

Core Team

Venkatesh is the Chief Editor at Entertainment and Co-Founder of this blog. He is very passionate about blogging, content writing and Internet Marketing. Well, he is the gem of our team and he lives in Kolkata. Currently he is in his first year of college (age doesn’t define maturity). He really doesn’t have any particular “hobby”. He spends most of the day with his beloved gadgets. He has special interests in movies (both Hollywood and Bollywood), Sports (being a boy that’s an obvious thing) and technology. Don’t you dare to speak anything against Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Downey Jr. (he’s an actor by the way) in front of him. Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment that’s the three things He loves the most.

Srikanth, Chief Editor at Business and founder of “Galaxy Reporter”. He has a very deep interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. He is quite a pro in providing high quality news updates on tech affairs, and IT and business related matters.  He is very much passionate about computer, blogging, Internet, current affairs. He loves to stay updated always with all the latest changes that are happening each and every day in our world thanks to the increase of usage of the advanced modern technology.

Sandeep Kumar is the chief editor at Technology & Politics and the co-owner of “Galaxy Reporter”. He has special interest in technology, politics, leadership and Internet Marketing. If there is a new buzz in the market, he can very quickly cover it and write about it on the website. His interest areas vary from business to communication and networking, and he likes to create teams. He is very active over social media, especially Facebook and twitter which help him stay updated with the latest happenings of the world. In short he is enthusiastic and provides lots of energy in the whole team. His expertise talks for him and he is surely an asset to any teams whatsoever. His passion, dedication and quick decision making ability make him stand apart from others.

Manikanta is an editor at “Galaxy Reporter”. He is a very enthusiastic journalist and has worked for many esteemed online magazines, thus gaining a huge experience before joining the team at Galaxy Reporter. He is a great combo of intelligence and passion, which adheres in his write-ups done for the website. He specialises in education niche and covers a wide range of admission details, exam results, top universities reviews etc.

Shruthi is the author in-charge of the Technology section at “Galaxy Reporter”. He has the genes with inbuilt dedication to his work, which can be seen in his up-to-date posts as well. He specializes in gadget reviews, tech reports and latest tech news. While he is not writing on Galaxy Reporter, he can be seen managing his own blogs, learning new stuff, & asking interesting questions. He is very passionate about blogging and content writing. He pursues dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur later in his lifespan and wanna enjoy a financially independent lifestyle while having his best buddies on his side.

Sheetal manages the Entertainment section of “Galaxy Reporter”. He writes the latest Bollywood masala gossips, boxoffice collections. movie reviews and latest news in entertainment section. He is a hustler who knows how to get the most happening buzz from around the web and publish on Galaxy Reporter. He also runs his own blogs on Gossips & Entertainment. He is a cool, confident and smart guy with a special interest in blogging.