Firefox 52 is finally available. This new version integrates WebAssembly, a unique programming language that will allow you to run AAA games or even reputed heavy editing software in the web browser.

It is a great pride for the Mozilla Foundation. In its latest version, the web browser will be the first to integrate WebAssembly, a technology that allows running large applications with fluidity.

Indeed, reputed to be heavy, the AAA games and the photo editing software or editing will no longer have any trouble to be supported by Firefox.

WebAssembly, these are the benefits of JavaScript without any flaws

This support for the low-level programming language has the advantage of being able to execute applications with quasi-native performances without the need to have a plugin.

The arrival of this new technology is already awaited by software players such as the Epic studios or the creators of the Unity 3D engine, reports Mozilla engineer David Bryant in a Post-Medium.

In addition, this latest version of Mozilla also offers a warning message that deploys when the user goes to pages with identifying fields that do not use HTTPS.

This is a step towards more culture of cyber security, when we know that until then, Firefox merely displayed a locked password on pages of passwords not using SSL / TLS.  A prevention message was displayed only when the user clicks on it. Today, it will be displayed automatically.

A change that will pinpoint the login pages that have not yet tuned to HTTPS.


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