Facebook has just deployed Messenger Day. This service allows Messenger users to share photos and videos with a lifetime of up to 24 hours. In short, a Snapchat clone.

Inspired by a competitor? Why not. The social network has deployed this March 9 as a Messenger Day, a feature whose principle is exactly the same as that of Snapchat stories .

With this service available on Android and iOS, Messenger users can now share photos and other videos for 24 hours before they disappear. These ephemeral contents can of course be copied with filters, drawings or text.

Facebook Messenger Day
Facebook Messenger Day

The system is directly integrated into the messaging system of Mark Zuckerberg. Our Day – it’s the little Facebook-style name of the story – is visible to all our friends, but it’s possible to restrict access to the settings. One can obviously look at the “days” of others and as if by chance, swap them up to move on to the next.

In short, Messenger Day is neither more nor less than the Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V of the Snapchat stories . Facebook justifies the existence of its service by explaining that it allows us to have “more meaningful conversations” with our friends, reports the site Engagdet . With its one billion users, it is more likely that Messenger appropriates the company’s concept to the yellow ghost in order to take over on it.


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