For all the people whose dream is to work in India Navy, here is a good news which is going to make your dreams come true. The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of India which is under Ministry of Defense, Government of India.
There are many vacancies for both men and women and let us see them in detail now:
  1. Officer Entry
  2. Executive- Submarine Officer, Diving Officer, Naval Armament Inspection Officer, General Service Officer, Logistics Officer, Pilot Officer, Observer Officer, Law Officer, Provost Officer, Information Technology Officer.
  3. Engineering- Naval Construction Officer, Engineering General Service Officer, Submarine Engineer Officer.
  4. Electrical- Submarine Electrical Officer, General Service in Cadet Entry (NDA), University Entry Scheme (SSC), Short Service Commission (Submarine).
  5. Education- Permanent Commission, Education Officer in Short Service Commission.
  6. Medical- Permanent Commission, Doctors in Short Service Commission.
  7. Sailor Entry
  8. Medical Branch
  9. Electrical Branch
  10. Aviation Branch
  11. Executive Branch
  12. Submarine Branch
  13. Engineering Branch
  1. Women Entry
Engineering – (SSC (Naval Architecture), University Entry Scheme (SSC) (Naval Architecture).
Education- (SSC Education)
Executive- (SSC-ATC- Observer, SSC Law, SSC Logistics).
The last date to apply online is 24/2/17. For more details, go through the official website:
It would be one of the best career opportunities to join in Indian Navy. There are is a lot of career growth, job security and many additional benefits. If your passion is getting into Indian Navy, then go through the official website and get the complete details and apply before 24/2/17.



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