In modern days’ people get hardly any time to go and meet their friends and other family members who stay far away from them. Therefore, all the people are using social media to stay in touch with all the people. Not only for personal purpose but many people are using it even for official and also business purposes. One such social media which has become a part of everyday life is Facebook.


Mark Zukerberg Comes up with a Plan to Tackle Fake News problem on Facebook.

Since many people are using Facebook these days many people are reading the posts which are posted on Facebook and one problem which is troubling people these days is the fake news posted on Facebook. The fake news is misleading many people creating a lot of confusion and it is also developing anxiety among people when they are considering such news and for confirming about such news is again time taking.

Now that the problem has come to the notice of Mark Zukerberg he came up with a plan so that people can get rid of all these kind of fake news.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that at present they are working on certain projects to overcome such issues in future. The names of the project are as follows:

  •  Easy Reporting: This option would help people in reporting the stories as fake whenever they come across after reading. This way the one who is posting the fake news or misinformation will not be able to many reach people. Based on the report all the people can be alert and they can understand very clearly that the news is absolutely fake.
  •  Technical systems for stronger detection: In order to improve the ability to classify misinformation. These technical systems would flag the news as false even before people do it themselves.
  •  Easy reporting about fake news: This option would help people in reporting about fake news very easily. This way the fake news and misinformation can be caught faster.


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