In present days mobile has become part of our everyday life. We use mobile for different reasons like making calls, sending messages and with the advancement of technology we find internet in most of the smart phones. We are using the internet on mobiles to browse for some information, to check or send emails, play games, even online shopping, paying bills through online transactions, booking movie tickets and there are many other reasons that we use our smart phones.

Charging Your Smart Phone in Seconds – Coming Soon

As we are using our mobile continuously a lot these days, the charging on the phone is becoming less and every time charging it for hours together is time taking. Keeping this problem in mind some scientists came forward and developed a new process to make electronic devices charge within seconds. The proud part related to this invention is that one among those scientists is an Indian.


The researches from the University of Central Florida in the United States of America came forward and developed a process to create flexible super capacitors which have more energy storage capacity and they can also be recharged for more than thirty thousand times without beginning to degrade.

Supercapacitors that use the new materials could be used in phones and other electronic gadgets, and electric vehicles that could benefit from sudden bursts of power and speed. Since they are flexible, it could also mean a significant advancement in wearable technologies, researchers said.

In case if are to replace the batteries with these super capacitors then you could charge your smart phone in a few seconds and this would come for whole one week and in between you need not charge it at all for whole one week.

Even though, technology is advancing so much and helping you to charge your smart phone within seconds, it is always advisable to remember that smart phones radiation is not good for your health. Some people may find it very helpful and may charge their mobiles in seconds and use it more when compared to previous days. It is always better to be safe then to be sorry. Use the technology in a way it is beneficial and at the same time it is important to protect your health as well.


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