To give a tough competition to the other messaging applications Whatsapp is bringing on feature-rich platform for its existing and new users. Recently the Snapchat feature was introduced in the application. The update allowed the users to draw on their photos and add doodles. They could send Stickers and emoji icons along with the new text overlay features. Now the application has brought a new beta update for its customers that have a new feature that is taking Selfie using the flash even in low light.

All you need to know about the new selfie update from Whatsapp

All you need to know about the new selfie update from Whatsapp

Though it is not new for customers to take selfies using flash options as almost all smartphones have this feature, but on Whatsapp the user will need to turn on the front camera or the front facing sensor. Many of the smartphones don’t come with a front flash, but through Whatsapp those smartphones will also be able to take pictures by using the display panel that will act as the flash. While taking a selfie the display panel makes the foreground of the picture bright and white which lightens the face of the person. If there is enough light then the flash option can also be turned off and again on according to user’s need. The flash icon can be seen just at the left of the capture button.

The flash options works depending on the phone’s brightness range and it is applicable only to a certain limit. The feature is still in the testing phase and is available to the beta testers. But one of the disadvantages is that the feature will not be available to all the users as it depends on the smartphones and varies from one to other. But Whatsapp is working on the codes and various Application Programming Interfaces to make the features available to all the smartphones.


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