Pokemon Go Game for Windows PC, computer desktop: Although Pokemon go is available for android and ios devices and it’s not legitimately available for pc but it can still be used for pc. Yes you heard me right! Pokemon go for pc can be installed on pc using android emulators. Want to see how? Just go through the following below link.

  • Download any android emulator as per our choice. Here we write this process with the help of blue stacks android emulator. Although the process remains very much same for other emulators too. So simply download the emulator and open it.
  • Open play store by clicking on its icon and search for pokemon go. Download and install it once you find it.
  • As soon as you are done with installing the app then you may go back to the main home screen and open it by clicking on the icon of Pokemon go. Then you can play and create your own amazing Pokemon squad.
Pokemon go game for Windows PC
Pokemon go game for Windows PC

Pokemon Go fan turns dog into Pikachu puppy

When Pokemon Go went viral, many fans dreamt of owning a real Pokemon. And one fan found a funky way to realize his dream—by dyeing his dog the colors of Pikachu! A video uploaded on Facebook shows a dog dyed bright yellow, the color of the popular Pokemon character. The pup also has dark stripes, in the style of Pikachu, as well as little red cheeks. The video of the made-over dog went viral online, but also aroused heated debates. Many thought dyeing the animal was disrespectful and could only cause pain.

In the few short weeks that it has been available, Pokemon Go has invaded countless aspects of popular culture. Just one day after its July 6 release date, some reports suggested it had already been installed on more Android devices than Tinder, and there is speculation that it could soon overtake Twitter when it comes to active users.


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