Easter Day is knocking at the door. Are you ready for it? Have you planned all? Planned for decorations, crafts and activities? If you have not done it yet, get all the amazing games and decoration ideas here. Check our all new arrays of collection of crafts and activities for the Easter 2015.

Easter Sunday | Why it is celebrated and the story Behind

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On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches.

Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday. always the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Easter’s Egg Decoration | Egg Decoration Idea for Easter 2015

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the eggs were hen or duck eggs which were decorated at home in bright colors with vegetable dye and charcoal. The Christians who were orthodox and many cultures continued to dye the Easter eggs and maximum times used to decorate them with flowers. The way of decorating eggs is an obvious choice which is ideal for kids. Moreover, there are also lots of creative ways to decorate your eggs which are really original and unique looking Easter egg and these can be lovely decorations for your home. The below are some ideas.

Easter's decoration ideas

Ideas For Decorating your Eggs in Easter 2015

We are presenting some awesome ideas to decorate your eggs for this Easter. Enjoy.

Elastic Bands

First one is the elastic band. For that, you need to wrap the elastic bands randomly around your egg and dip into the food dye. Then you need to wait until it is dry and then remove the bands. Also some time, you could also remove only some of the elastic bands at this stage and repeat with a second color.


In order to make this, you are required to put some paint in a small bowl and then allow your child to dip their thumb in and print onto the egg and then when they dry, you could turn the thumb prints into animals or faces by drawing on the details with a fine marker pen.


For making stickers, you should dip the whole egg into a food dye color of your choice and then leave it to dry and then decorate it by using a variety of small Easter stickers.


If you want to make crayons, then at first try to draw a pattern onto the egg using white or light colored crayon. Then dip into food dye and while you take it out, the crayon pattern should still be visible. Lastly, leave it to dry.

Egg Creatures

You can also decorate your eggs with a variety of beads, googly eyes, glitter, wool, sequins, feathers, ribbon, etc and this can be done on a plain egg or that has already been dyed, and a fine marker pen can be used to add details to it.

Crazy Paving

At first, hard boil an egg and then use the back portion of the teaspoon to break all the shell into ‘crazy paving’. After that, you need to soak the egg in some food coloring for a bit. While you take the shell off, you can notice that you’ll have the pattern underneath! This is a good way for getting kids eating hard boiled eggs!

Felt Pens

This is the easiest option for decorating as it simply uses felt tip pens to decorate your egg. This shows results which can be just as lovely as more complicated decorating methods!

In place of hard boiled eggs, you could actually blow the eggs for making the egg hollow and then decorate the outside. At first, try to make two holes at either end of the egg with a needle and blow through one to make the insides come out of the other and then tie some cotton onto the middle of a match. After that, you should insert the match into the egg and twist it so it doesn’t come out and you can hang your egg from the cotton, and then decorate it with anything.

Easter Crafts 2015 for Kids

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Easter Sunday is one of the biggest Christian festival and declared holiday in United States. Easter day is a holy day, celebrates the Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This day is celebrated all over. People usually gets busy in the special church service arrangements, music, candlelight, flowers and decorations. Also, children do celebrate Easter day with Easter Crafts 2015, Easter Day Crafts, Easter coloring sheets printables and much more. This year, Easter Day falls on 5th April. We hope you would get the best Easter Crafts 2015 for Kids, Easter Day 2015 Crafts for kids, Children, toddlers and preschoolers and also for your beloved ones.

Easter Sunday Craft and Bunny

Colorful Easter Cards

It is the most simplest way for celebrating the Easter 2015. You can make Colorful Easter Cards with the cardboard, coloring kits, oil pastels, scissors, glue and sparkles.

Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets

Take two spoons and paint them in two colors of your choice. Take a card board and cut a triangle, two small circles for making eyes and red colored lips. Stick all these carefully and also use fur for making hairs. This will make your Easter Bunny Spoon more attractive.

Easter Bunny Games for Toddlers

Kids, children are god’s gift. This Easter 2015, we are sharing the Easter Bunny Games and fun activities for the lovely children and toddlers. Kids are very keen of Easter Games, Easter crafts, fun activity, Easter egg hunt games for the full enjoyment of this special day. This year, Christian biggest day, Easter comes on 5th April and of course its Sunday. Many people have already managed the every hour of this day. So, why are you waiting? Scroll down and get the most of the Easter Bunny Games for Toddlers, Fun Activity Crafts, Egg Hunt.


Easter Crafts 2015 | Games & Activities

The traditional Christian festival Easter Day is celebrated on first Sunday in the month of April and this year, it falls on April 5. Easter Sunday is celebrated by playing traditional games and fun activities all the day that includes the use of Easter eggs and Easter Bunny. It is believed that, Jesus Christ came back to the life after the three days from his grave, and egg signifies the same, beginning of life. Today, we are here sharing the  Easter Crafts 2015, Easter Games for Adults, Easter Activities for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, Happy Easter Clip Art Images. You can get the most beautiful Easter Crafts Games here only. The time has changes, its now being every kid wants to celebrate the Easter day 2015. We hope, these Easter Crafts for toddlers, Easter Games, Activities, Easter Clip Art Images will make your day.


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