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In response to the latest buzz building around our message inbox Galaxy Reporter takes the opportunity to deliver “Top Ten Golden Tricks to Crack a Personal Interview.”
In any interview the recruiters always try to have an idea your attitude, presence of mind, ability to control a difficult situation, leadership qualities and all. So if you don’t have much of the technical knowledge or if you are a bit lost about the work procedure don’t feel nervous. Know that your company will teach you all those if you crack in first. So at first let us work on how to crack a Personal interview.


1.      Try to look confident while entering the interview room. Be firm, straight, and ready to dig into the procedure.
2.    Get your postures right. Rest your hands on your lap, chin up , have a cooperative smile. Don’t roll your tie or tap your feet or play with your fingers. These show your weakness.
3.    Be brief and smart on whatever you are talking about. Don’t blab or lose your point of discussion.
4.    If you don’t know about something, don’t lie. The interviewer is too smart to know what you are up to. So in such cases just say ‘Im not aware of the answer right now, sir.’
5.     If the interview procedure is going for a long time and you appear at the middle of it, then try to crack some witty lines to make the interviewer feel alive, trust me, interviewing gets boring all the time.
6.    Tell your interviewer much about your willingness of learning and your urge to take challenges. Make him belief you are a go-getter.
7.     After entering the interview room, wish your interviewers shake hands with them and have try to have some conversation with all of them.
8.    Before leaving the interview room take your interviewers permission and also feel free to ask them on what areas they think you can improve in, or if they have any suggestions for you.
9.    If you are asked about how much of salary you are expecting do tell them exactly what you feel you should get. But also mention that you are flexible on that depending on the scope of learning the work.
10. Before leaving the room thank your interviewer for the time, and wish them a wonderful time forward. Let them know if you have anything to ask about the company.

Ok!!!! People so these were the Top ten Golden tricks to crack an Interview. Keep communicating and all the best!
The co-owner & marketing chief of "Galaxy Reporter", Yansri is also a digital marketing, blogging & SEO consultant. Writing, communicating and networking are some of his passions.


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