Sherif Hashim, who is an Egyptian security researcher, has come across (or formerly invented) to a new iPhone lock screen security flaw. Only few Siri command could disclose all your protected contacts in front of anybody.
You know that iOS is pretty different and most of the devices are running on iOS 7.1.1, who is totally revamped and better as compared to previous version. There are some great brand new features in iOS 7.x version. However, iOS 7 is still in the trouble since there is yet another lock screen security flaw.


Bypass iPhone Lock Screen to Access Contacts (Latest Security Flaw)
The process to bypass the secured iPhone lock screen is as follows;
  • Go to your lock screen and put Call command to Siri.
  • It would ask you a person name to call. Just types Call a/b/c and enter it.
  • Unfortunately, if someone does those steps with your iPhone, he/she would get others option along with those contacts start with a/b/c or what you have entered. Just tap on that to get the entire contact list.

In this way, anyone can make call to anybody from your phone and you won’t still have any clue about that.
If you don’t want to face such problem, just deactivate Siri on lock screen. This is the only thing you can do in order to prevent anyone from calling in your absence. 


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